Group Therapy

Group therapy has several advantages over individual therapy:

  • Members of a group provide support for one another.
  • When they share, each person can learn from the others.
  • Making a commitment to others is often an incentive to keep coming so that you do not let the rest of the group down.
  • It is an effective way of delivering cost effective CBT therapy. Fees are shared and therefore reduced.
  • When you are part of a group you do not feel alone or different.
  • Long after the structure of the group ends, group members can stay in touch and give ongoing support.

Our groups range in size from 4 – 10 people. Groups are always kept small, so that individual attention is received. Confidentiality is a priority.  Group members usually are not from the same family so that everyone is comfortable to share.

Venue depends on the size of the group, and the time. Smaller groups will be run at our offices in Edgecliff. Larger groups are run at the Bondi Junction/Waverley library.

Your mental care plan offers a rebate for ten group sessions.

For more information on group therapy, give us a call on 02 9328 5899 or email us here.