Young People

At Anxiety Solutions CBT we understand that working with young people is a completely different ball game to working with adults. As such, we work hard to make our sessions engaging and tailor them to the young person’s relevant developmental stage.

Adolescence is a challenging time of growth, exploration of who you are as a person, what you stand for and how you want to interact with the world around you. There are a number of physiological and neurological changes occurring during this time and this can feel tumultuous at best. As a parent it can be excruciating to watch and/or understand what is happening as the young person’s reactions to things don’t seem to match up with how you would react. As such, it is important to understand that young people may not have the vocabulary, impulse control or emotional intelligence to make sense just yet.

The team at Anxiety Solutions CBT will work collaboratively with the young person to facilitate growth and understanding surrounding their worries and concerns. We will provide them with developmentally appropriate tools and strategies to de-escalate, urge surf, self sooth and communicate effectively. It has been shown that when these strategies are utilised within the family system, the young person’s progress is more sustainable.

Childhood too can have it’s challenges as a parent. Renee Mill has written two books on parenting, based on many years working with parents, that can help you become a better parent. We recommend you take a look.