Stress is very different to anxiety in many ways, however this word is often overused and can be misinterpreted and labelled as anxiety. There are two types of stress:

Distress is what people often refer to when they say they are anxious due to the discomfort they experience, such as feeling overwhelmed and things are too much to handle. Distress differs from anxiety as there is no sense of panic or interruption of normal daily activities.

Eustress is a helpful part of stress and more commonly referred to as motivation or drive. This generally pops up before exam time, when you near a deadline, or as you prepare for other important things in your life. If we had no stress in our lives, we wouldn’t get anything done.

We have put together some tips to help you manage stress in your daily life. However if these are difficult to put into practice or don’t seem to be working then help is available to you.

Renee’s latest book Anxiety Free, Drug Free has great tools for dealing with stress and anxiety.

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