Not everybody is able to come into our practice.  Are you time-poor, or do not feel comfortable leaving your home?  Or do you need to travel interstate often for your work?

We therefore offer Skype counselling which we have found to be very effective. Many clients love the convenience and at Anxiety Solutions CBT we always try to accommodate the time pressures of busy clients.

Treatment is carried exactly as it would be face to face.

To find out more about skype counselling or to set up a session, call Lisa on 02 9328 5899 or email us here.


Process to link up

Our Skype name is Anxiety solutions CBT. Before your first appointment, simply send us a contact request and we will accept it.  At the allotted time of your session, your psychologist will call you with a video call. Please ensure that you are on line and ready to take the call. We are punctual and adhere to the session time. If you are not available and the session starts late, we will still end at the allotted time.

Medicare does not cover Skype sessions as they are not face to face. However, your private health fund may cover telephone consultations.