Anxiety Free, Drug FreeThis groundbreaking book helps you break free of Anxiety within 90 days

Renee Mill’s new book shows you how to apply the tested tools of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to rewire your brain free of stress, anxiety and depression within 90 days. Using repetition, self-reflection, daily planners and worksheets, you will learn the necessary skills to recognise and analyse automatic thoughts and behaviours, stop them in their tracks and move forward to a better, healthier, anxious-free you.

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Only when you order Anxiety Free, Drug Free direct from the author, receive 4 pocket stress-reduction tools as a free gift:

  1. the “Reality Check” Ruler
  2. the “You Choose” CBT pen
  3. the “Total View” card holder
  4. the “I stress” badge

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CALL NOW TO ORDER 02 9328 5899.

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