Natalia James


Natalia JamesNatalia James has been a practicing Psychologist since 2012. She treats anxiety, stress, depression and anger management in a clinical setting.

Natalia has completed extensive training in utilising the Anxiety Solutions CBT Anxiety Management Manual to treat clients and she has seen firsthand how clients become empowered with improved emotional intelligence and psycho-education. Currently Natalia is adapting the Anxiety Management Manual to treat depression which she believes will be as helpful and successful as the Anxiety Solutions CBT Anxiety Management Manual.

Alongside her clinical work, during 2012, Natalia gained extensive experience with Rehabilitation, Life Insurance and CTP clients respectively. Furthermore, she currently prepares Common Law Reports for NSW Work Cover clients in relation to their claims.

Natalia is competent at administering a selection of psychometric measures, such as the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2-Restructured Form, that determines the psychological well-being of a client. These reports provide a formal clinical diagnosis and pathway to best practice.

Natalia is committed to ongoing learning and training and anticipates continuing further education with a Clinical Masters Degree in the near future.