People often use the word “depressed” when referring to times where low mood, sadness, lack of motivation and lethargy are normal responses to situations. Grief and loss associated with losing a loved one, change and disappointments can feel uncomfortable and last an uncomfortable period of time and yet they still may not be clinical depression.

Depression is associated with the experience of depressed mood, sadness or hopelessness for most of the day, nearly every day for over 2 weeks. The symptoms and behaviours associated with this disrupt your ability to live your normal daily life and stop you from engaging in social, work, school and self-care activities. Your clinician will discuss your symptoms with you to gain a full understanding of your situation and may diagnose you with depression. Click here for more information on the symptoms and diagnosis of depression.

Our clinicians are warm, caring and well equipped to help you understand what is happening. You will be provided with simple and helpful strategies to implement in your daily life to assist in reducing your distress.

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