Welcome to Anxiety Solutions CBT, a leading treatment clinic for anxiety in Sydney.

With close to 30 years experience helping people overcome stress and anxiety, our psychologists provide rapid, effective and lasting solutions tailored for you.

Anxiety is a distressing condition that can seriously disrupt your ability to enjoy life and achieve your goals. Based on the proven techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), our anxiety psychologists teach you unique tools and techniques that help you lower your stress levels rapidly and bring the gift of perspective.

Our unique method is based on a 90-day plan for helping you rapidly change the thinking and behavioral habits that are at the root of your anxiety. The method has been developed over 20+ years of helping people overcome stress and anxiety. Our team are qualified psychologists who subscribe to the AAP’s code of ethics.

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Sydney Anxiety Treatment Center

Our offices are centrally located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, on New South Head Road. We also help people from around Australia and worldwide via phone and Skype sessions.

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