Our team is dedicated in helping people overcome their issues and improve their quality of life. Our Clinical Psychologists are fully qualified and have all had a minimum of 6 years training. They are chosen specifically to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Intelligent: This is an important part of the job our Sydney psychologists do. Being able to perceive and think in a multiplicity of ways is vital in the management of psychological conditions.
  • Empathic: Empathy is a crucial skill in therapy. Being able to understand what another person is feeling and experiencing is not only key in understanding their condition, but also an important part of cognitive behavior therapy treatment.
  • Skilled: All of our Clinical Psychologists are tertiary qualified with years of experience working in therapy areas such as anxiety and depression.
  • Flexible: Flexibility can mean many things; being able to work different hours, or adopting different approaches depending on the needs of each client for example. The anxiety psychologists at our Edgecliff clinic are flexible and accommodating in a diverse range of ways.
  • Warm: We feel that warmth plays an important role in the connection and level of comfort Sydney clients feel with their chosen psychologists.
  • Creative: In psychology, there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all ‘solution. It’s important for clinical psychologists at our Edgecliff clinic to be able to think in a lateral, creative manner.
  • Committed: All of our psychologists are committed to their client’s well-being and improving their lives through proven, effective therapy techniques.
  • Client-focused: Although professional development is an important part of what we do, in the end it’s all about the needs of the client, and that’s what we focus on.

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For more information on our Edgecliff psychology practice, our Clinical Psychologists or our anxiety therapy, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 02 9328 5899. If you have questions about seeing one of our Clinical Psychologists, please refer to our Q&A page.